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I’ve been apart of a beautiful new venture since august last year with the lovely Tigs & Olivia. It’s called The Wedding Fair! I’ll take a post straight from our site about who we are; We are passionate about weddings and are excited to bring you beautifully curated wedding deals in the Melbourne area. The Wedding Fair was started by us, two sisters  (Liv and Tigs) who wanted to offer a platform for creatives to find opportunities to sharpen their skills and find community in the wedding industry. The group that has formed so far has been an organic growth that has come out of relationship and common values around service and artistry. After shooting heaps of weddings and being asked who could be recommended, the idea came to Tigs (a photographer) to build a one stop shop with excellent skill and craftsmanship. The result, we think is quite lovely! We are super proud of all of our vendors and how beautifully they decorate Melbourne’s wedding scene with their craft passion. We are a collaboration of many vendors. We really want to bring out the best of those within our brand, from those we work with. It’s a great platform to kickstart your business too (that’s the future vision) so that you can get a decent level of exposure from an established brand. We do styled shoots every so often so that we can showcase our vendors and the beautiful photographers which represent our brand. You’ll find them over on our website which has a link at the end of the post. From a filmmaking perspective, I’ve been taking on a more director/editor type roll with The Wedding Fair. Very slowly, but surely, I’m starting to shoot less and edit more. I’m investing some time into a few people throughout this year, so that I can unify The Wedding Fair brand’s vision and style between us all. I do a lot of work outside of weddings as you may have noticed, and I’d love to keep it that way too. Creativity is definitely best kept sharpened when you have constant, ever changing projects.  So hop on over to The Wedding Fair’s website – www.theweddingfair.com.au and have a browse at all our vendors that are available. Everything is there from designs for your wedding’s tableware through to our talented musicians for your day. I’ll leave this video here, our latest, shot by Graham and edited by yours truly!...

Stephanie & Sven

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What a ridiculously cute couple. And you probably couldn’t get more attractive either. These guys had some serious chemistry going between them, and it truly shows in this film. Some of the comments i’ve been receiving about this one was how much you could feel the emotions, or feel the ‘vibe’ that is oozing out from in front of the lens. I think one of the greatest ways of measuring success as a wedding filmmaker is whether it moves someone, and not just emotionally. I mean spiritually too, and even sometimes physically too (tears). I’m actually quite unsure how to react to comments like these half the time because they are just so incredibly reaffirming to me. I thank Sven especially for being a friend for a long time, I have journeyed with Sven for some part of his life, perhaps not in the last few years, but It’s definitely incredible to see this really on fire, man of God, get married to the absolute love of his life. And I got to capture it! My shots and cuts are all deliberate, there isn’t one shot that is left there without a purpose. It’s all about the telling of a story, and I think this past 2 years has really shown me that. As a result the films I’m making have truly been getting better technically, aesthetically & emotionally too. There is always room to improve however, and I won’t ever stop trying to top my last job. Enjoy this film, friends. This was in collaboration with The Wedding Fair....

Esther & TK

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So, I filmed my friends wedding last year. Actually, I have been filming a few of them it seems. It’s high season for weddings amongst my friends! I suppose it’s about time though, 25ish is a perfect age (in my eyes) to be getting hitched. Good times indeed! Esther & TK I’ve known for a while, and as a matter of fact Esther is the Esau in Jacob & Esau, who I did a promotional film for their Pozible campaign last year! The post about that project is here! They had such a brilliant day. There was so much raw chemistry between every single person involved in the wedding, it was so fantastic. Truly a tight bunch of friends who appreciate each other and really were just having one big gloriously awesome celebration. It’s little things like that (which I think i’ve probably talked about so many times) that make wedding films shine. Of course, there is a certain level of skill and creativity involved on my part, but we can’t create a magical film without some magic! I think that this is something which honestly sets some films apart from others. This day took me from Mont Albert all the way to North Melbourne. The wedding reception was in a unique little industrial space called Two Ton Max, and the photo shoot took place around the Fitzroy Gardens. Some beautiful places to film in, and really great weather to accompany it all. Enjoy this wonderful memory of Esther & Timothy’s big day!   Esther & Timothy || November 28th, 2014 from The Wedding Fair on...