Davis & Sanford Tripod

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So, I ordered a new Tripod. I was after something that wouldn’t break the bank, but was also quite sturdy and reliable. This lead me, after many hours of research, to this tripod. It cost me about $260 with express shipping to Australia. It’s a Davis & Sanford 7518. It comes with a huge bag and an extra base plate. It’s got a wonderful build (although some plastic bits which I’m iffy about) but seems to be quite sturdy nevertheless. It will be a great addition to my grip arsenal. Heavy enough to support my FS100 rigged up, but portable enough to take with me to places.   One thing I absolutely love about this Tripod is the lever on the head. This little lever is so nicely placed, and feels great when you want to lock away your tilt control. It also has two handles giving you an extra bit of control over your pans and tilts. Truly a great addition. It’s also quite tall, extending up to about 5’8, and uses telescoping legs meaning that it saves on space and allows for a decent amount of height if need be. Having used a variety of tripods like millers and manfrotto’s, this does keep up quite well. I’ve yet to really fully utilise it as I was waiting for it to arrive for a while (I was hoping to use it last weekend but didn’t arrive from the US in time). I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it fairs in due time! I’ll be taking this with me overseas for sure....

Fuji X100 (Quick) Review

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I don’t update my blog that often. But, I’m intending to from now on! I want to write articles, post up photo updates etc so people perhaps might want to follow along with me. I had the pleasure of purchasing a FujiFilm X100 camera the other day. I actually sold my 7D kit, as I have recently invested into a SonyFS100 kit. Thus, the need for something that would take photos. I was researching and I recalled a post I saw on GetDeluxe.co – which displayed the authors kit. He raved on about the camera, and so I looked up on some reviews. It then occurred to me that this camera was perfect. With its creamy tones, great dynamic range, and handling of highlights straight out of the box, it seemed like a great little camera to have in my arsenal for documenting, travelling & general shenanigans. There is a slightly newer model – the X100S which sports some extra features and more mega pixels, but for the most part it’s the same camera. Budget wise, it made sense to just go down the X100 route. You perhaps might be hesitant buying this camera, maybe because you read some reviews about the auto-focus, or start up times. All of this doesn’t matter, as there was a 2.0 firmware update which largely got rid of most of the issues that were had previously. It’s a perfect little camera now! I highly recommend this camera if you’re looking for something which is compact and light. It’s no SLR, but it definitely takes a picture on par, if not better than an SLR. It doesn’t have an interchangeable lens, and battery life is pretty dodgy. Buy some accessories for this thing though, and it’ll be pimped out. It looks great, like a vintage camera, and is weighty like a vintage camera too. You’ll be having people mistake it for an antique. Nevertheless, I’m going to keep at it anyway. I’ll be posting more images from my travels, and posts about general life for me here both professionally and personally too. I’ll endeavour to do some workflow posts too. Catch....