A story about building a better life

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This project was really unique, in the sense that the story behind the beginnings and origins of this IT company are incredible. You don’t often think of an IT company to be this invested in their culture either. A family from Laos, travelling by Boat, after a terribly hard Journey in refugee camps, are sponsored to come to Australia. All they wanted was a better life, a greater purpose. Finally it was given to them, and they took hold of every opportunity they could get. This film focuses on the story of this family, and how their values have shaped the work culture in the company. We shot this on an A7RII, a new camera released by Sony, one which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The results were quite nice, however the codec did suffer under some strenuous colour correcting, so use of an external corrector is necessary if you want to take full advantage of that piece of technology. Shot initially in 4k, scaled to HD for web delivery. It was all cut & edited in Premiere Pro. The goal was to make it personal & uplifting. It could have easily been a more depressing & intense styled film, but the goal was to convey a message of inspiration & purpose. I hope you enjoy watching this film, it was certainly a joy to create for us. This was in collaboration with SeeSharp Productions.  On a side note, I have been busy in the background working on some wonderful new adventures that are ahead of me, so I will be revealing this in due time! Enjoy this...

ドードーの空 (Dodo no Sora)

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Happy new year everyone! What a great start it has been to 2015. I traversed across the globe back to Japan, where I hung out with my girlfriend (Nao-chan) and had many good times. However, during this trip I also had the opportunity to make a promotional film for Nao’s parents Cafe. It’s a tiny little place hidden away in the backstreets of Sangenjaya over in Tokyo. However, it’s been getting a whole bunch of attention in recent times. There’s a website called Spacemarket (spacemarket.com), which essentially is a place to list a space that you own, so that other’s can rent it out per hour. It’s almost like the concept of AirBnB except it’s solely for events. So you’ll find some very interesting and unique spaces up on that website! Dodonosora is listed as one of the top places to rent on the website, and so with the launch of their new website (which was designed by my good friend Jireh Lee) I thought it’d be a great little gift to Nao’s parents to create something that can be used to further promote the space for events and just for regular cafe use also. The initial concept was to really tell a story about Takako-san (Nao’s mother) and her cafe. I didn’t really have an idea developed because I’ve never been there, and was living 8000 km’s from the cafe. Made it hard to plan something! However when I came together with Jireh he had a brilliant idea of using the poem which is on her website, and using this as a voice over on top of some music. It’s a really pretty letter, so cute and motherly, which is the essential feel of the cafe too. Production only took a few hours, as we had a solid idea of shots we needed after a brief discussion. We shot on Jireh’s new LX100 (in 4k) to test out the capabilities. It’s quite a nifty little device, and creates some gorgeous images in a controlled environment! You can see the shots in the video which is posted below. There were a few film crews that used this space while I was staying there for 2 weeks, including local news which did a segment on Spacemarket. Dodonosora was featured in the story because of it’s reputation on the website. Enjoy the film! It’s got a very homey, motherly, warm & happy cafe feel. Here is the narration translation done by Nao, which is the voice that you hear in the film. Yume tte iiyone. A Dream is something very special. Sore wo omou dake de yaru ki ga deru. When you think about a dream, it motivates you. Ganbarou, ganbaranakucha tte omoeru. It motivates you to do more and go for more. Watashi wa kimi tachi mitai ni yume wo akiramenai hito tachi ga daisuki desu. I love dreamers like you who don’t give up on your dreams. Dakara sou iu hito tachi no tame no basho wo tsukuri mashita. That’s why I made a place for dreamers like you. Hontou wa ganbarete nai, mou akirametai, somosomo yume nanka arya shinai.. `I’m not doing enough’ ‘I want to give up’ ‘I don’t even have a dream’.. Iroiro iitai koto wa aru darou kedo toriaezu uchi ni oide. I know you have lots on your mind, but for now, just come over. Guchi wo kobosu mo yoshi, ko-hi- de nagasu mo yoshi. You cal complain all about your day wash it away with a cup of coffee. Koko wa sonna kimi tachi ga katani seotteru mono wo orosu basho dakara. This place is where you can get all your burdens off of your shoulders. Sonna kimi tachi, soudemonai kimi tachi, minna kite iiyo. Dreamers like you, Non-dreamers like you, Everyone, just come over. Hahano futokoro wa kimi tachi no souzou yori mo zutto fukain desu. A mothers arms can hold a lot more than you think. Onaka ippai no lunch to, hoppeta ochichau sweets to, kokoro ochitsuku coffee wo youi shite matte masu. A satisfying lunch plate, the sweetest deserts, and a comforting coffee will be waiting for you here. I will always be waiting for you here. Haha...

The Faculty

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I spent the last 4 days in Sydney! It was a shoot which I was sent on behalf of Orsino Media (who I have been working with a bit recently), and the event was all about procurement. Procurement is essentially the purchasing of goods from other business, to drive your own business forward. So as a very basic example, if I make wallets, then I would potentially need to buy little zips from a supplier, this is called procurement. The event was like a forum, or a seminar if you will, of many CPO (chief procurement officers) coming together to discuss things within this particular industry. It was filled with very knowledge speakers and was quite a prestigious event. It was glamourous, with everyone wearing business attire, the location was right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and there was a ferry cruise around the harbour to have dinner. The Faculty organised the vent. The hotel we were put up in was the Pier One Hotel. It was quite nice as you can see from the shots! The brief was to essentially film on my own, but run 2 cameras which could then be cut together in a multi clip edit potentially. I was also to shoot some nice, beautiful shots that could potentially be used for a highlights clip of the day, and also to showcase some of the prettier corporate work that Orsino are known to do. So in order to do this, I had to do a lot of running. And planning. It does put the pressure on you, because for example if you miss something important, you can’t exactly get that moment back. It’s just like a wedding really, and so you have to try and be as efficient as you can be, to the best of your ability. The normal set up I had was one camera on the main action/speaker, and then a second camera shoot crowd and reaction shots. This was the base set up, but I did move around cameras depending on what I needed to get. I think theres a lot left to be desired on a lot of corporate films and videos I’ve seen for seminars. Usually there isn’t much thought put into where the speaker would stand, the layout of the room, lighting, background etc. This shoot was different in that respect. I use backlighting set ups, tried to make sure there was something in the background to give some depth, adequate lighting in each position the speaker was standing in, and of course an interesting composition. It’s quite a step up from your typical corporate shoot, thus why it was a challenge, but also quite fun at the same time. The equipment I used were x2 Sony FS100’s, which for the majority of the time had Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 lenses attached to them (the rooms were quite large so I needed the extra length). The Sony’s also have a 1.6x crop on them (as they aren’t full frame) so the lenses were essentially 300mm lenses. I had something like x6 32gb SanDisk Extreme 80mb/s cards. I had Dedo’s to shoot in some light from the sides and behind, and light panels for some extra fill. The main room actually had some night stage lights so it wasnt necessary for me to really add any light front on. I had audio running into one Zoom H4n from the desk, as well as a backup zoom sitting with some mic’s attached on the lectern.   All up the gear was about 30kg, with a further 15kg in my backpack. Not sure how I got it all on the plane, but it happened! (All these photos were taken on my HTC One, and then edited. Forgot to bring my little X100!) Good times were had! I’ve got a few weddings to finish editing, and then a couple more to shoot. After that, I’m off to Japan! More on that soon! UPDATE: Here’s the highlights video that was put together by Jane at Orsino The Faculty ‘Tough Love’ Highlights from Orsino Media on Vimeo....