Stephanie & Sven

By on Mar 4, 2015 in Life, The Wedding Fair | 3 comments

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What a ridiculously cute couple. And you probably couldn’t get more attractive either. These guys had some serious chemistry going between them, and it truly shows in this film.

Some of the comments i’ve been receiving about this one was how much you could feel the emotions, or feel the ‘vibe’ that is oozing out from in front of the lens.
I think one of the greatest ways of measuring success as a wedding filmmaker is whether it moves someone, and not just emotionally. I mean spiritually too, and even sometimes physically too (tears). I’m actually quite unsure how to react to comments like these half the time because they are just so incredibly reaffirming to me.

I thank Sven especially for being a friend for a long time, I have journeyed with Sven for some part of his life, perhaps not in the last few years, but It’s definitely incredible to see this really on fire, man of God, get married to the absolute love of his life. And I got to capture it! My shots and cuts are all deliberate, there isn’t one shot that is left there without a purpose. It’s all about the telling of a story, and I think this past 2 years has really shown me that. As a result the films I’m making have truly been getting better technically, aesthetically & emotionally too. There is always room to improve however, and I won’t ever stop trying to top my last job.

Enjoy this film, friends. This was in collaboration with The Wedding Fair.



  1. Joyee Lum

    30th April 2015

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    Hi Mat, that’s absolutely beautiful!!!! And I’m so in love with Stephanie’s wedding dress! Would you mind asking her where she got her amazing dress from please? x

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