J&E A/W Collection 2015

By on May 15, 2015 in Ethical, Life | 3 comments

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I spent last Saturday working on some wonderful new projects. One being filming Jacob & Esau’s behind the scenes video for their winter collection which is up for pre-order today. Second, I was also modelling at the same time for this little video. Multi talented hey?

Image of Men's Waffle Sweater BLUE

I must say this was a refreshingly fun project to work on. I haven’t really done anything fashion related, but it truly came together really well in the end.

The girls running Jacob & Esau were incredibly awesome to work with, so it was a breeze to be able to collaborate with them on this project. They also had Big Picture Stuff & Hand Crafted Pictures shoot the collection for them, so that they could put up some beautiful photos onto the webstore.

The concept behind this little 50 second video was to just show off the essence of the brand, its style, the character’s that are behind the label & the display the new seasonal threads. Because Jacob & Esau are all about relationships between the makers & the buyers, and are more focused on people, this shows through how they treat those they work with. It allowed for me to capture quite a natural beauty from the models, the photographers and even Esther & Joanne themselves.

The music I chose was in the back of my mind the moment I started filming. Something about a hip hop beat and street style fashion that just mixes in so well. If ever there is something you really should get perfectly right, it’s the music & sound in your films. It really makes up half, if not more of your films overall experience.

Without further delay, here you are.


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