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I am in Japan once more. Back a year later for Shine Japan, which is a large creative ministry event put on by The 4 Points Japan. It’s been a really wonderful time over here, not because it’s such a different culture to be enveloped in, but also because of what God has been doing over here. From the many visions & prayers that people have declared over this nation, to the various healings & testimonies that have come out of this week, hope is slowly being restored to the Japanese.

This is a run down on what SHINE Japan is (english below)

SHINE Japanは、祈りと伝道のイベント。ダイナミックにクリエイティブに伝道するためグ­ローバル・ディ・オブ・プレーヤーとグローバル・アウトリーチ・ディと協力します。

SHINE Japan is the culmination of connecting Prayer and Outreach, in coordination with the Global Day of Prayer and Global Outreach Day into one initiative to reach Japan with the Gospel in creative, dynamic ways.

I’m really open about what I believe in, and that’s why I don’t really hide the stuff I do in my spare time from all the commercial work that I do on this blog. As Christians, we believe that worshipping God is not simply just an act of singing a song on a Sunday, but it’s a daily commitment to live out like Jesus did when he walked on this earth. It means to truly do everything that you do with faith and with the full commitment to glorifying God. This is why I’ve chosen to fly over to Japan and use my craft to help make a difference in other people’s lives. Capturing and documenting the moments in which the Holy Spirit moves is incredibly important to reach a generation that is so visually literate.

7Media, who I met up with last year in Japan have been here for the last 5 or so years involved in different film projects. With a lot of momentum now, the quality of work coming out of this production company is top notch, and it’s brilliant to be able to work with such like minded people as well as skilled. Every day they have been bumping out these updates on what is happening this week, and with 2 more days left in this event, I encourage you all to keep following along every morning as we bring you the latest from over here.

Oh,  I was also involved in a very special project that 7Media produced on the weekend, however I’ll keep this a secret until it’s finished. Lets just say it’s going to involve some baseball. I guarantee it’s going to be very very cool.

Be inspired!

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