A story about building a better life

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This project was really unique, in the sense that the story behind the beginnings and origins of this IT company are incredible. You don’t often think of an IT company to be this invested in their culture either.

A family from Laos, travelling by Boat, after a terribly hard Journey in refugee camps, are sponsored to come to Australia. All they wanted was a better life, a greater purpose.
Finally it was given to them, and they took hold of every opportunity they could get. This film focuses on the story of this family, and how their values have shaped the work culture in the company.

We shot this on an A7RII, a new camera released by Sony, one which I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The results were quite nice, however the codec did suffer under some strenuous colour correcting, so use of an external corrector is necessary if you want to take full advantage of that piece of technology. Shot initially in 4k, scaled to HD for web delivery. It was all cut & edited in Premiere Pro.

The goal was to make it personal & uplifting. It could have easily been a more depressing & intense styled film, but the goal was to convey a message of inspiration & purpose. I hope you enjoy watching this film, it was certainly a joy to create for us.

This was in collaboration with SeeSharp Productions. 

On a side note, I have been busy in the background working on some wonderful new adventures that are ahead of me, so I will be revealing this in due time! Enjoy this piece.

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