Melbourne Food Baby x Paxxioneer

Bianca invites you to enjoy a modern Melbourne foodie experience. Bianca is a commerce and marketing student who created a food blog as a way to develop her social media marketing skills. Within seven months, Melbourne Food Baby (Instagram: @melbfoodbaby) had more than 15,000 followers, and Bianca was getting phone calls from cafes and restaurants inviting her for free meals so that she would blog about them.

Her fondness for food and desire to explore new ways of taking photos, writing blogs, and building a social community had taken a turn toward business! Bianca is also an avid (and outstanding) golfer, who happens to enjoy the social aspect of sharing a round with new people more than the competitive aspect of the game.

We shot this film a couple of months ago to showcase how she interacts with her clients & friends. It was quite a raw run & gun experience, but there was loads of free food involved so it made it so worthwhile. We shot this film on an Ursa Mini 4.6k, and I was shocked at it’s dynamic range. I have never shot on something this nice before, so it was quite different to all my shoots where I was using Sony gear or DSLR’s.

Hope you enjoy this little piece about Bianca & melbourne food culture.